(stone cutting machine liner guide (model kara

Cutting machine hadid sanaat Kara full set and portable for cutting stone, ceramic, tile, Bricks and more.


It has unique features, the building has explained that cutting place Economy.


Some of Property stone cutting machine   liner guide (model kara):


  1. Portability at work place the removable base side side handle proper weight cutting machine


  1. Shrinking dust and Noise.


  1. Lowering waste materials are Extreme so attention, that is economically feasible to purchase.


  1. Precision cutting.


  1. Speed cutting.


  1. The cutting ability of different materials, changing cutting discs.


  1. champher throw the first stone (from zero to 45 degree angle)


  1. Water reservoir and water pump with cutting machine.


  1. And etc.


Stone cutting machine liner guide (model kara) offer in different designs and sizes

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General specifications
۱۲۷۶mm * 643 *2380 width-length
Desk 550 x 2000 mm
Height to table 720 mm
Height Base of 590 mm
Width Help Desk 280 mm
Technical Specifications:
Cutting disc diameter 300 to 400 mm
champher throw the first stone (from zero to 45 degree angle)
Set Cutting height up to 100 mm
 Anti-Shock and Anti - rusty-Rail liner guide removing
Linear Bearings motion of Extreme Soft
Chassis twisting rails liner solid (high precision in champher)
Electrical Specifications:
Electro motor with Powers 2/2 kW speed 2800 rpm
The constant for cutting Bevel
- The animated side-to-length 1200 mm
Two Protractor
Help Desk

Hadid Sanaat designer and manufacture different stone catting machine
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